2009 Jetta Sportwagen - Stuck Fuel Door

Category: Random Babble


I went to fill up my car and was unable to get the fuel flap open. It’s one of the new, push in the flap to release the latch to cause it spring open. I wasn’t able to open it. The car needs to be unlocked to allow the latch to open. Unfortunately, it turns out that the fine folks over at VW could have put a bit more effort in to testing the mechanism because this is not always the case.

After a short search, I found others who discovered that the fuel flap locking mechanism can get out of sync with the state of the door locks. The solution is to lock and unlock all of the doors a few times. The flap should pop itself open once the locking mechanism wakes up because the initial (failed) attempt to open it already released the latch.

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