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This is Manfre's personal instance of Takahē, an open source ActivityPub server that I've helped to create.

In addition to running bleeding edge feature branches, to proof them before the PR, I #selfhost this on an over engineered infrastructure using cheap VPSes Here's an overview of the infra.

There might be the occasional bug or server hiccup as I tinker. Feel free to ping me to ask questions or let me know if something's broken.

Recent Posts

Six months of bulking has come to an end. Going from +500 kcal/day to -500 kcal/day is an unpleasant as it sounds. At least this is a mini cut and not the usual 16 - 20 weeks of getting in to Spartan shield condition.

The pet sitting on your lap while you type away on a keyboard knows all your passwords.

The best time to buy holiday decorations is immediately after the holiday. It's important to test newly purchased products while in the return window. After taking down this past year's holiday decorations, I immediately put up the on sale additions. I hope my neighbors enjoy the sneak peek of 2023 holiday (for probably several weeks).

Every year, I set a fitness goal. They are often related to leaning down to a specific weight/body fat percent for a cosplay (Spartan from "300"). This year, I'm not planning to attend DragonCon and lack the reason/motivation to spend 3-4 months being hangry. Dropping significant weight always includes the side effect of losing strength and in the past has limited my goals.

To take advantage of this year's diet reprieve, I've set a strength goal. For 2023 I want to join the the 1,000 lbs (454 kg) club, where my lift totals of squat, deadlift, and bench press are more than 1,000 lbs. Right now, my total is 890 lbs. 110 lbs is a non-trivial amount of improvement, but it's achievable and most of the growth will come from Squat and Deadlift.

Who else has set a fitness goal for 2023?

Only a dot

My open source contributions really do stem from "scratching an itch". I added the link shortening behavior from Mastodon to because the walls of text links were more annoying than mosquito bites.

Takahē Tips

Takahē supports creating multiple identities and you should. Use your main identity as you do now. When you see an account that you'd like to not forget about, but don't want in your home feed, follow it with the second identity. That will ensure those posts appear in the Federated timeline.

BBQ on the smoker has stalled at 168 F for a couple hours already. This may be a long evening waiting for it to get up to temperature. This gave me lots of time to read about on how to avoid this issue in the future and I learned a new term, the Texas Clutch. tl;dr You wrap the meat in foil when it stalls so that it gets up to pulling temperature faster.

Working on modal image popup because letting the browser do its thing with image links is not the friendliest UX.

Edited 1y ago

Out of curiosity, I've set up to collect some stats about this Takahē instance. I'm fully expecting the number of (non-bot) users to remain in the single digits. The fediverse works with everyone viewing the content from their local instances. It should mostly track myself and anyone I share I direct link.

In related (good) news, uBlockOrigin will detect and block self hosted plausible.